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Why Monitor Your Trademark

Owners’ Responsibility

The first step of enforcing your rights is by knowing who’s the potential infringer is.

Limit Risks

Avoid losing rights due to lack of attention to potential similar mark who try to steal your brand value.

Cease and Desist Letters

Stay vigilant so that your mark does not get diluted by notifying infringers so they know you are serious about your business.

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Asked Questions

While the USPTO will prevent obviously infringing marks from becoming registered, trademark owners are responsible for enforcing their own trademark rights. In order to enforce your rights, you need to know when others are using trademarks that are similar to yours. Trademark monitoring gives the information you need to enforce your trademark rights.

If you are not monitoring who your trademark, you cannot fully enforce your trademark rights. This can result in others using your trademark terms and diluting the value of your brand. Someone else may even register a trademark very similar to yours, and you may miss the chance to oppose it! In extreme cases, it can also lead to a brand becoming “generic,” which may limit the extent to which you can enforce your rights in the future.

Once fully registered, trademarks generally need to be renewed by filing a Declaration of Continued Use. The first Declaration of Continued Use is usually due between the 5th and 6th anniversary date of the filing. The next renewal usually falls between the ninth and tenth year. Thereafter renewals are generally every ten years. Trademark Origin provides notice of the applicable deadlines and allows filing of the necessary paperwork via its personalized portal with just a few clicks of the mouse or with some minor updated information.

At the five-year mark, assuming continued use of the mark, we can also help file a “Declaration of Incontestability,” which provides additional protection under trademark law. This may prevent others from contesting the trademark on several common grounds, such as: the mark is not inherently distinctive; it is confusingly similar to a mark someone else began using first; or the mark is simply functional as opposed to identifying the source of the goods or services.

You typically have six months from the mailing date on the Office action letter. If you have not responded by that time, the application will be abandoned and you will need to start from scratch.


Why should I monitor trademark applications?

It is up to the owner of the trademark to enforce their trademark rights and also look out for anyone who’s infringing or trying to infringe their mark.

The USPTO may or may not approve marks that they believe to be similar to your mark while assessing applications. Monitoring your trademark gives you an opportunity to dispute the registration of another mark.

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When and how can one party use another's trademark?

Many trademark owners believe that no one else has the right to independently employ their mark in any way. This is not always the case. A name may be referred to as a trademark for a lawful, non-infringing purpose as long as none of the terms is employed more than is essential for this goal.

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Our trademark registration service was designed specifically to help you register your brand as easily, efficiently, and affordably as possible. With a knowledgeable team comprised of trademark filing specialists, we are able to help you with every step of the trademark registration process — no matter where your business is located or what industry it might be in.

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